PlayStation Rom Torrent

PSX ROMs is a short name for Sony PlayStation Game CD backps also known as PSX isos. If you download a game iso from the net you can burn it on to a CD-R and play it a moded PlayStation1 console, or you can download an emulator an enjoy the game on a PC. Another way to play PSX roms is using PSP ands it's built-in PS1 emulator. You will need to convert the iso file into a format that PSP anderstands (eBOOT iamage). This can be done using a PSX eBoot cteator tool for PlayStation Portable.

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PS3 Jailbreak - PlayStation 3 Chips!

Any PlayStation 3 can now be hacked with a simple USB PLug&Play PS3 Jailbreak - PS3 Mod Chip . When Your PS3 is unlocked you can start making backup copies and playing PS3 ROM & PS3 ISO backup games on your Original or Slim PS3 console!

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The PS3 JailBreak features:

  • fully compatible with all PlayStation 3 fat and slim models.
  • if Sony blocks the PS3 Chips, PS3 break can firmware can be upgraded to bypass new sony copy protection
  • PS3 mod-chips firmware can be updated via computer USB port
  • Game ROM data access time on HDD with a PS3 Jailbreak is x2 faster than from a regula BlueRay disc
  • PS3 Games can be copied to Hard Drive in the PS3l or a portable USB Drive.
  • installation of the chip can be finished in a few seconds as it is a Plug & play USB chip .
  • In the near future PlayStation 3 Homebrew software / PSX Roms / PlayStation PS1 games on PS3 / MAME / SNES Roms / GBA / N64 / NES / SEGA Genesis emulators will be supported.